About Edith Elle Photography & Associates

Imagine the day when you’ll first look at your wedding pictures…

They bring you back in time to the most amazing day of your life.

You can almost feel your mother’s embrace as your begin your walk down the aisle.

The smell of your bouquet is as fresh and fragrant as you remember.

The taste of your cake right before you thought it’d be funny to wipe some icing on his nose…

Los Angeles First Look

This is your story. Your legacy.

Your looking for…

Photography that documents your story in your vision

Creative collaboration with your photographer so you feel your ideas are being heard

An organized, systematic approach that ensures your memories will be captured

A photographer you connect well with who understands you and your needs


What we’re not…

If you want to hire a wedding photographer you won’t hear from for months, we probably aren’t a good fit

We’re not a high volume studio. We only take a select number of weddings a year to ensure our couples get the experience they seek.

We’re not about taking over the show at your wedding. We believe in teamwork and we love to collaborate with our couples.



My approach is simple…

The key to the wedding photography you’re looking for is communication. Through my systematic approach to figuring out what your unique vision is, together, we create beautiful memories that will last lifetimes.

Happy wedding memories,


Owner/Lead Photographer, Edith Levandoski

Edith Levandoski


Edith Elle Photography Team…


Second Photographer, Kristen Burtch


Edi asked me to write a bit about myself so here it goes, eek!  There are a handful of things I love dearly in life and they all revolve around finding happiness.  For me my hubby comes first, then my pup Bailey and then my passion of photography.  Nothing makes my heart skip a beat more than to see two people in love committing to one another so you might see me shed a tear on your wedding day, don’t worry that’s normal!  I am a hopeless romantic.  I love a chilled glass of white wine with the girls.  I love puppy kisses.  And most importantly I love happy brides & grooms and Edi and I will make sure your day is perfect and give you amazing images for you to enjoy for years to come!  Until we meet in person, cheers!

















 Second Photographer, Tina Chiou


Love is one of the most beautiful elements to life. Which is why I love photographing love. The tiny moments captured makes my heart flutter. You know, the moment where eyes lock and that smile appears, the moment you know your hands just fit each other. Or that moment you say goodbye and want to see your love one more time so you turn around.

One of my favorite moments at a wedding is when the father walks the bride down the aisle. There this bittersweet moment of flashing back to the moment she was born and letting her go at the end of the aisle to start her own family. I know a wedding is about the couple but it’s also so heartwarming to see everyone there in attendance so happy for them. That’s what captures me.

















Second Photographer, Stephanie Overstreet


Hello, there! I know I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to write about themselves! I suppose I should start with my name. I’m Stephanie! I’m happily married (going on 8 years) and have one furbaby, my dog-who-thinks-she’s-human, Lola.  I enjoy traveling (planes, trains, automobiles, and boats!), cooking tried-and-true and new dishes, rocking out at concerts, and spending time with my family and friends. Photography is my passion, and I’m honored anytime someone invites me into their life to capture a special time.  I’m so excited to work together with Edi to help capture all the wonderful details of your unforgettable day!