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Some would say I’m crazy or obsessed, but I don’t care. Anywhere I go, you’ll see four wagging tails. One white little stub tail attached to what I call “pancake-butt” and the other long black tail that never stops moving! The other two tails are always waiting on something to pounce…mainly waiting to pounce on the dogs lol. These are my babies. They have four paws and a whole lot of love.

Los Angeles Pets

I’ve never been without an animal by my side. When I was growing up, my bother, a 90lb doberman-rottweiler mix, basically raised me while my parents were endlessly working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

Later in life, I was accompanied by two tabby cats who just mysteriously made our backyard their home. I named one Philipe like the horse from Beauty and the Beast because I loved that movie growing up lol. Yes, I know…I’m a girl, I can’t help it.

Right out of college and into my first apartment with my fiance (now husband) and we got Tristen and Brewster, our two cat furballs. They run our home and totally tell the dogs what to do. It’s quite hilarious. Daisy, my beagle/shepard mix, will run around a corner and Tristen will put her paw out to trip Daisy. I know she’s secretly laughing about it.

Los Angeles Pets

Then there’s Jack and Daisy. You can say I favor them because they are dogs, but I do have a special spot in my heart for them because they’ve taught me so much about life.

There isn’t a day that goes by that Daisy wakes up and looks so amazed at the world. I swear, if she could speak, she’d say “Today is the best day ever! I’m so excited to see what happens!” I really need to adopt this mentality. It’s amazing to see her energy and happiness.

Jack is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever come across. Maybe I’m really biased because he’s so dear to me, but honestly the dog knows what I’m saying to him! I’ve figured out his body language and can totally tell when he growls a certain way it’s not only out of anger or him being upset, but him actually saying “hey mom…can I please have some water here?  I’ve had Jack for 6 years now and this September he’ll be 13 years old. I absolutely adore him and it has been so endearing to me to see him grow.

When I think about the craziness I just put my pets through, to move them 3000 miles away from home (especially that airplane ride from NJ to Los Angeles) I can’t help but be thankful of their presence in my life. It’s kind of cheesy but the love they share with me really inspires me to see the love in everything around me.

Los Angeles Pets

If you have pets and want to have them as a part of your special day, I’d love to photograph them with you! I see more and more pets being part of family portraits and wedding pictures. They are a member of your family, so let’s take some pics!



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