Perhaps you have some questions that we can answer before you decide to call us regarding your photography needs.

Emails and phone calls are no-obligation.    We would love to meet to answer any of your questions!

Los Angeles Family Photographer

Q.) Do you hold dates?

A.) Dates are held with a retainer payment and signed agreement. It’s a good idea to assume that other brides are interested in your date, and that you weren’t the first to contact us about it. Our advice is to retain my services as soon as you can so you don’t risk loosing your date. (It happens often.)

Q.) My sister got the USBs with her pictures on them, but each picture had “copyright by…” written right in the middle of them plus they were

low resolution so she couldn’t print any of them. Even if she could print them the photographer’s name was on them. To get copies she could print and that didn’t have the photographer’s copyright on it she had to order them from the photographer. Do you do this with your CDs?

A.) You receive USB flash drives with all of your edited images. They are high resolution; non-copyrighted images you can get printed anywhere you

would like. If you would like to get prints from Edith Elle Photography, that’s great! I would love to work with you on your re-prints! But if you would like

to get re-prints somewhere else that is OK. I do not want you to feel like you are being held hostage on where you can get YOUR pictures printed.

Q.) I was in a wedding recently and the bride got her USBs but she lost one. Her photographer charged her $600 for a new copy. What is your charge for copies?

A.) If you lose your USB(s) we will make you a new one at $35 per flash drive. We also suggest that you make copies of your images for your own

archival purposes.

Q.) I was in a wedding this summer and my friend, the bride, was expecting 2 photographers for 8 hours. Two photographers showed up, but it was for

hours each. So to get the rest of her wedding day photographed she had to pay the photographer more money right there to stay. She also had to

choose if she wanted 2 photographers or just one. To avoid this kind of stressful situation at my wedding, could you please explain your timing and

how it works for each photographer?

A.) Wow! That would stress me out, too! When you book me; you get me and my very able assistant for eight+ hours of photography time – two

photographers for the price of one – both using the finest photographic equipment available! While I’m concentrating on the formal shots, my

assistant captures the in-between moments – all day. Together we focus on capturing the love and romance – the emotions of your wedding day. It’s a great system! You’ll love it!


Los Angeles Family Photographer

Q.) When will my pictures be ready?

A.) I know that brides and grooms are anxious to see the photographs from the most special day of their life. This is why I am different from other photographers. Within approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding, I post your edited photos into your private online wedding album for your online viewing enjoyment.

Q.) I live in Burbank, CA, do you do weddings here?

A.) Yes. Edith Elle Photography serves greater Los Angeles area and Orange County. Please call or e-mail with additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

Q). What is your style of photography?

A). My specialties include weddings & events, and portraits. I would say that my style is photojournalistic, modern, with a mix of traditional poses.

I like to be unobtrusive at your event. I want to capture you at your most relaxed state to capture the magic of the moment and so you have the time to enjoy

this event that you’ve taken so much time to create. Creativity is at the heart of all of my shoots, so don’t be surprised if I bring some interesting props

or take you to locations you haven’t even heard of! Being a fan of fashion magazines, I love incorporating interesting poses. We all have a model inside of us.

Q.) Will you go to multiple locations?

A.) Yes, I enjoy going to different locations such as parks so that you have a nice variety of photographs in your wedding album. We will go over how to plan your wedding day timeline so we can guarantee the images you want.

Los Angeles Family Photographer

Q.) Do you shoot in black and white?

A.) Yes. Any image can be turned into black and white. Additionally, retouching, cropping and artistic enhancements are available on any/all of

your images.

Q. Will we be able to easily share these images with clients, friends, or family?

A.) All images are uploaded to an online gallery that is secured with a password. Please share this link with whomever you’d like.

Q.) Do you set aside time for portrait sessions for sweet 16′s, Quinceanera, and Mitzvah’s?

A.) Yes, we encourage our clients to set aside a minimum of one hour for these events for portraits of the special girl/guy. During this time,

we would also include images with the family and other important participants.

Q.) How long will you book for a sweet 16, Quinceanera, or Mitzvah?

A.) Edith Elle Photography views these events as a mini-wedding event. We will book a full day of photography coverage for these types of

events. Half day coverage is also available.

Q.) Do you cover events of various religions/faiths?

A.) Yes, Edith Elle Photography covers Christenings, Baptims, Mitzvah’s, Eastern Asian events, and more! One tip~when booking Edith Elle

Photography for a religious event, please let us know of any important religious or traditional details we may not be aware of.